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More and more retail sales are nowadays conducted through on-line stores. The systems are tried and tested, and if you have products to sell, using on-line facilities need to be seriously considered.

The facility provided and supported by Inthebag Store is used internationally by thousands of retailers. Inthebag Store have adapted the system for local use, and it will be further adjusted to suit your specific requirements upon implementation.

If you have a current website with a hosting agreement that can accommodate your new on-line store, you can be up and running in a few days. If you do not have an existing website, or if you want to keep the on-line store totally separate from your existing website, you can use our facilities for hosting your new online store.

There are three ways in which we can accommodate your on-line store, as set out below. In all cases we will provide you 30 days of FREE support, during which time we will also make sure that your store functions to your liking. Support is available after this initial period at a nominal fee. 


your domain
your hosting
- Your own store, on your domain, hosted by your favourite hosting company.


your domain
our hosting
- Your own store, on your domain, hosted by us on our hosting servers.


our domain
our hosting
- Your own individual store, hosted on our platform, and our domain.


for those who require ongoing support after successful implementation of your on-line store.
[terms and conditions do apply
- the online store facility for retailers.

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